The Explorer

Each of us is an explorer. Our journey begins at birth, — or even before, according to the narratives of several particular faiths. Whether you embrace the beliefs that you are exposed to in your family and community or venture off towards more unknown territory, you will be called upon to navigate many uncertain avenues, to resolve (at least for your own benefit) many questions and arguments.

Thus, “Catholic Explorer”; in my case, an attempt to separate that which is ‘graven’ in the dogma and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, from that which is more ‘optional’ or ‘consequent’ from the religious and cultural surroundings.

On this page, I will be addressing the various steps in my personal journey, starting with an examination of the Catholic elements of my birth and childhood, the questioning years of adolescence and beyond, and the multitude of paths that I have taken to reconcile my own beliefs and those of the Church.

I have had a great time exploring the Catholic church. Many of you who have taken some time to enjoy the same experience will surely agree there is something to a Sunday in church. The grandeur, the spectacle, the very experience is something to write home about. There is something to witnessing the robes, candles & the words. What beautiful words. It is the entire ritual of. The whole experience. If you have never been to see it you should at least once. You may find it so interesting you become a regular. Even the building which the catholic religion hold their meetings are the very best they can be. There are grand halls & stained glass. There is lots of room & there are statues everywhere. Let’s not forget the music. You can always expect beautiful music to be featured at an event. Music performed with such passion it can move the spirit to take you over. But the best thing that you will find when you come to church will be the people. The congregation really comes together for it’s own. The leadership really know how to make guests feel welcome & the benefit of having them in your social structure can be irreplaceable.

The Catholic church has also long since been known for charitable causes as well. There are a lot of opportunities every single year for the church to come to the aid of a member & there are many times that the church is on the scene of disasters caused by man or nature. There is lots of good being done by the church. They do what, in their eyes, is best for mankind.

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