Issues of Special Importance (cont.)

We recently saw a living Pope resign. He no longer plays an active role in the direction of the church. The new Pope has taken some very big strides in the right direction. There were many unanswered questions asked when the sitting pope just decided he would no longer be able to lead. He says it was sent down to him from heaven. He said it was god’s will. He was not considerate of the ramifications of those actions. Many people have publicly questioned his sexuality. This was even before he resigned. He had, what some might call, an attractive assistant who he took with him when he left public eye. There were many strange things about the event which should raise questions in most peoples mind but it seems that the church members are happy to just ignore those issues or sweep them under the rug. With all of the credible scientific discoveries of the last century it seems that the Catholic church is reeling to catch it’s breath. They recently proclaimed that it was not for them to judge the sexual orientation of members but this has long since been a staple of the religion.

Please keep in mind this all comes after some very serious allegations against several of the clergy members who have been accused of improper association with children. Many of whom were young men in the care of adults who were trusted in the community & by their parents due to their association with the church. I met one such young man while working part time for a local Baltimore movers service last summer. He loved the physical labor involved in moving large items for families and businesses because it distracted him from his thoughts of his own abuse by clergy. And he was not alone. Several of his friends also shared his experience and they all have decided to come forward and speak about what happened to them. These are all signs that point to a major reform in the views & opinions of the church in the very near future in order to keep the business of religion alive. They must put people in the seats in order to pay the bills. Some people might not like that I refer to the Catholic church as a business but it is the largest & oldest business known to exist. There is no arguing that. If the church wants to continue to be prevalent in peoples life’s they are going to have to make some serious changes in structure & opinion. They are going to have to face some serious problems from the past & address the core issues in an attempt to fix the system which a lot of people feel is broken.

In the future we hope that the light we have helped to shine on these very important special issues helps every one to come to a more evolved position on them. Everyone would be better off if they took a more mobile position and kept an open mind while discussing new or conflicting ideas. Who knows, it might be the answer that we have all been looking for.