God placed his only true son on this earth for a specific reason. He was to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to pay for the sins of mankind. There is no way that any ordinary man could have made the same sacrifice for a very important reason. Jesus had no sin when he was judged & executed. He was without sin and during the event he even took time to ask his father, God, to forgive them for they knew not what they did. He was a great man & he had a great task while he was here in this world.

Jesus did not have an easy life from the beginning. He was born of an un-wed mother. Mary was a virgin when she became impregnated with Jesus. It was a struggle for Joseph and Mary to even find a place for Mary to give birth. With all their worldly possessions, the young couple managed to make their way across the arid lands to Bethlehem with Mary riding upon a donkey. Mary and Joseph were alone. Compounding the stress of the journey was the hard fact of Mary’s mysterious pregnancy, something which her soon to be husband had to face with no understanding. There is much question in Joseph’s mind and doubt in his heart but God delivers the truth to Joseph. Relieved, Joseph married Mary and raised Jesus as his own son. One day when Jesus was only a boy he wandered away & was gone for some time. When Jesus returned and his mother questioned him about where he had been. He said he was in his father’s house learning. As soon as Jesus was old enough he took on the mantle of leadership. He lead by example although on occasion he lead through force. Jesus always spread the word of his father’s good will. He was always preaching to give to charity and not treasure earthly goods too much. Jesus would even throw the money changers out of his father’s house when the occasion called for it.

He spent his days teaching love towards one’s fellow man. He spent his life bringing hope and joy to so many. In the end it was foolishness that would be his demise. Jesus would be hung on a wooden post or cross until dead. He would be taunted and tortured before he was even hung up. He would be made to suffer as none other before him all to pay for the sins of others. There was no just cause for Jesus to die but it was predetermined. It was written in the stars if you will. Jesus knew that would be the day his life would end from the very beginning and he agreed to it because he knew the value of what he would earn in return. He would have saved all of mankind from a dreadful existence with no hope for life hereafter.

I sometimes wonder what Jesus would make of the 21st century. THe morals that he preached seem to have been discarded by many. Yet there are millions of Christians spread through out the world, supposedly following his doctrine. What would Jesus think about home std testing kits? Would he be disturbed by the very fact of what the kit implies: sex outside of the sanctity of marriage, unprotected sex, or sex with multiple partners. Many Christians today would condemn the individual seeking to find out if they had an STD via a home test. Would Jesus say to those Christians that they should forgive them for they knew not what they did. Or perhaps they did know, which is why the person wants to administer a STD home test. Then if the person tested positive he/ she could responsibly inform their sexual partners and seek treatment. That would be the Christian thing to do. I’m just not sure what Jesus would say, but I think he would be more forgiving than most people who say they are Christians.

Every single man and woman should without a doubt be thankful every day of their life that Jesus took his time to show us how we should live. Maybe we should be a little more careful with the gift.

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