I remember when I was young. I did not fully understand church. I thought it was just something my mom made me go to on my weekends. That took away from my free time. I really like having free time so that equated to me not really enjoying going to church. Not only did I feel that I had better things to do with my very valuable spare time but I knew it would likely turn into an all day affair. I used to put up such a struggle that a lot of times I increased the amount of time that it took way more than I should have. I did not want to clean up let alone actually put on a shirt & a tie. I didn’t see any reason to get out of my trusty old dirty cloths. They were good enough for me. Why were they not good enough for god? I just did not get the entire thing.

It seemed like once my mother finally had me dressed there was way too much time for me to do something to get the dress clothes dirty before the actual event started. I always ended up with dirt or food or some other thing on my clothes before church even started. When they got around to starting the event they mostly spoke about things that I had little or no interest in but occasionally they would hit on a topic which I would find ever so fascinating, such as, Revelations. How could one, given the chance, not find that at least interesting. I don’t think it’s even possible. It is full of such fascinating stuff. Besides those few, there were not many times I can remember enjoying sitting through church. Most of the time my mother would try to pacify me with a children’s book or assign me a simple task to take the time.

This experience often left me and my younger siblings quite irritable, to the point of throwing fits once we got home. This was especially hard on my mother due to being a single mom after our father past away. She was fortunate enough to have a neighbor who gave her great advice about dealing with us children as well as dealing with the loss of our father. That time was an interesting time for all of us.

I remember sitting there on most Sundays thinking this is so boring I don’t know why the adult like it so much. I would think, when I’m an adult I won’t come back & when I have kids I won’t make them sit through this torture. Why would I? There is no way that it could be good for them? There were seldom any activities for children & most of the adults barely even paid any mind to the kids. It just seems like the feel like they have some moral obligation not only to introduce their kids to religion but to force it on them. Shouldn’t religion be something that draws you to it? Something that you enjoy so much that you do not want to be with out it? I think so.

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